Bernhard Johnson Ministries

Brazil Extension School of Theology (B.E.S.T.)

BEST has 15,500 students throughout Brazil, Portugal and 8 other countries studying at 500 extension campuses, through individual video courses, and online.  Since 1979, BEST has graduated 40,000 students from the Assemblies of God and other denomination.

Brazil Advanced School of Theology (B.A.S.T.)    

BAST has 300 extension students in its B.A. degree program in Brazil, offered in conjunction with Global University, and has graduated 550 students.  A campus has been built and dedicated in the city of Campinas for a residential study program, as well as conferences, seminars and retreats.


Children of Brazil Outreach (COBO)


Since 1981, COBO has assisted the underprivileged children by participating in the construction of 16 daycare centers/schools and one hospital.  COBO also provides Bible curriculum and AIDS-awareness materials for use in public and private schools, as well as churches and evangelism outreaches.



Latin America ChildCare (LACC)


LACC sponsors 100,000 underprivileged children in 22 countries and began its monthly sponsorship program in Brazil in 2010.  The first Brazilian children that were sponsored study at a COBO school and the monthly assistance helps with tuition and other needs.


HealthCare Ministries


Since 1991, BJM has held 17 outreaches with US medical teams who have treated 15,000+ patients, with results of 5,000+ decisions for Christ and numberous healing, deliverances, miracles and baptisms in the Holy Spirit recorded.


Varginha Church & Section



Both were founded and pastored by Bernhard Sr. and Antonette Johnson in the 1940's, followed by Bernhard Jr. prior to launching his crusade ministry.  Terry Johnson serves as assistant pastor for the mother church and 20 daughter churches in eight cities and towns with 2000+ adherents.